Collaborators –


I am a member of Connexity Associates Limited, which brings together a network of  independent consultants, facilitators and coaches who specialise in working on the really complex stuff where no-one really understands the problem – let alone what the solution might be. As well as being able to take on a variety of projects that need a particular combination of expertise and experience we are also very experienced in helping leaders when they need to bring a diverse group of people and interests together to achieve a particular outcome. Our business model and extensive professional networks enable us to draw in additional expertise on an as-needs basis for specific projects, and give us easy access to academics and international experts in a range of professional and technical areas thus accessing the latest thinking relevant to any specific project.


I originated and deliver the final unit, “Influencing Organisational Systems and Strategies” in the Executive Graduate Certificate in Business (Leadership through Coaching and Mentoring), an exciting new course offering advanced thinking and competencies for leaders who are inspired to coach and coaches who are inspired to lead. I also facilitate units on networked government in the Public Sector Management Program, and other organisational change and leadership units, as well as work with the coaching panel.



I have worked with the team of expert coaches, facilitators and consultants at Whyteco for many years.  Whyteco was one of the world’s first evidence-based coaching practices and has a reputation for providing coaching and change programs that make measurable differences for both individuals and organisations.